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Ninety percent of imported motor vehicles to Tonga in different models are used vehicles.  Most of the imported used motor vehicles have exceeded 100,000 kilometers of service thus indicates that they would require almost immediate services and repairs. Whether new or used or recondition (modified) motor vehicles and in order to continue to provide required services to public, industry and communities, Automotive Mechanics are required to continuously provide services and repairs in variety of motor vehicles. If you want to pursue a career opportunity in Automotive Engineering, you will need a recognized qualification.

Automotive Engineering Department offers and awards Certificate in Automotive Light Vehicle (Trade). The Certificate in Automotive Light Vehicle (Trade) Programme will enhance your knowledge and skills about best practice and competencies and latest technologies in the Automotive Industry.

Automotive Light Vehicle Programme offers high standards delivery of theoretical and practical skills development in the Institute and Industry. It includes time in our well-equipped workshops, using range of up-to-date tools and equipment, field trips and skills development at our local counterpart and registered automotive companies to prepare high skilled and competent mechanics.

Program Components  

Certificate programme in Automotive Light Vehicle (Trade) is a 4 years programme consists of 2 components conducted at the Institute and Industry. The first year (Stage One) programme comprises of Institute component block course of (14) weeks and 51 weeks on–the-job practical skills development at a registered workplace.  The second year (Stage Two) programme has Institute component block course of (14) weeks and 51 weeks on–the-job practical skills development at registered workplaces. The third year (Stage Three) programme Institute component block course is (14) weeks and then continues at the workplace to complete the required practical hours. Successful completion of the three stages programme, which is about 8000 hours thus successfully complete the requirement for Certificate in Automotive Light Vehicle (Trade).

Entry requirements

  • Pass in Tonga School Certificate (TSC) in English, Mathematics, Science and Industrial Arts and at least 16 years old.
  • Trainee who has worked at qualified workplaces at least one year and previously at the secondary school up to Form5 level.
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL)/current competencies (RCC) of trainees who has worked as assistant Automotive Mechanics for more than 3 years can be applied to identify relevant knowledge and skills to enter stage one.

Career opportunities

  • Qualify Automotive Mechanics
  • Self-employed Automotive Mechanics
  • Automotive Workshop Leading Hand
  • Automotive Workshop Forman
  • Automotive Workshop Supervisor
  • Automotive Spare parts dealer
  • Automotive Mechanics Training Program Instructor